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10 Awesome Photography Blogs to Follow

If you think photography is merely holding a camera and taking pictures of beautiful things, then you are unfortunately incorrect. There is way more to photography than you may think. It requires you to know the rights and wrongs of angles, gear, and camera settings. Now, you can’t just learn all in one day. If one keeps reading different photography blogs containing reviews, tips, and interviews of famous photographers, it will be easier to learn new things in a less boring way. The photography blogs are also useful for photographers at any level because learning is a continuous process. You can never know everything about anything.

#1 PhotoFocus

Scott Bourne has a very vast experience with photography and he has been a photographer for as long as he can remember. Using Photo Focus as a platform, he shares his wisdom and experiences. Photofocus contains articles that educate people about different techniques of not only photography but videography too. There are thousands of articles relating to different gear and guides to the right usage. The photo blog includes the best writers and photographers out there.


#2 Phoblographer

This photo blog has articles of many different genres. They post recent news related to photography and photography gear. Events like workshops are also shared in this website. Moreover, it has very helpful reviews on cameras, gear and equipment. Phoblographer claims to explain the “Psychology of creative photography” This website contains details about their writers and also shares their personal blogs. So, you can use this website to explore good photography bloggers. You can find inspiration on this website by reading interviews of famous photographers.


#3  Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart has a beautiful and interactive blog website that instantly catches the viewers’ attention. He is not only a photographer but an artist, a humanitarian, a speaker, and a teacher. Although his blogs have more pictures than words, you can still learn a lot from them. The fact that he speaks through images shows his true photographer spirit. Further in photography, he enjoys doing portraits, travel photography, and surprisingly, healthcare photography.  He has also written books like “Hope in the Dark” and “the poor will be glad” where he combines his photography, writing, and humanitarian efforts.

#4 Feature shoot

Feature shoot, founded by Alison Zavos is one of the best photography blogs. It displays the work of famous photographers. The main categories of photography present here are portraits, documentary, fine arts, and still life. Others include a vast range of food, animal, travel, landscape, and many other photography categories. The pictures are usually posted with a story or a brief background about them. The website is said to contain over 3000 articles. You can subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social media websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

#5 Richard Bernabe


Richard Bernabe has an affliction to travel, photography, and writing. He has created a marvelous amalgam of these different interests to display a blog website. This blog uses the power of words and the experience of travel, to talk about photography and its dos and don’ts. His work has been published in many magazines, especially travel and photography magazines. The blog has earned a name due to his book called “Wildlife photography” that he has very recently written.

#6 Light Stalking

Light Stalking is famous for containing useful interviews from professional photographers. The best part is that you can upload your photography on the website and get comments from other photographers. It can be beneficial and lets photographers learn about their mistakes. However, when posting things on the internet, your feelings may get hurt by some comments and reviews. The blog’s goal is to look for talented photographers. Light stalking also puts forward the work of new photographers. Looking to get your work recognized? Light Stalking is the photo blog to visit.

#7 National Geographic

National Geographic is known to make people experience and see places that they could have never seen otherwise. National Geographic was established in 1888. Since then, photography, especially wildlife photography, has been revolutionized. It is not that easy to get your pictures featured in the national geographic magazines and to be able to write in their national geographic blog. The blog contains interviews with well-established photographers. The articles are very informative and exciting.

#8 Petapixel

PetaPixel is a popular photography blog that focuses on offering both amateur and professional photographers something unique to help with their photography efforts. From product reviews on the new GoPro cameras to tried and tested older 35mm techniques, this blog offers something for everyone with a knack for photography. There are some stories on celebrities too if they are relevant to the study of photography. Check out this photo blog when you get a chance and see how it might help you.


#9 Photography Concentrate

This blog has all the information and tools for education, inspiration, and photography. Photo concentrate was started by a couple, Rob and Lauren, but now has a team of four photographers: Daniel, Jill, Kristal and Kaitlyn. The “about” section of this blog is very inspiring for beginners. Some tutorials on this website are paid, but there are a lot of free tutorials as well. The blog has been featured on famous blogs like Digital photography school, Petpixel, expert photography, and picture correct.

#10 Joe Mcnally

Joe Mcnally is a very popular award-winning photographer. His blog is, of course, as famous as him. When a picture has he has posted gets a lot of appreciation, he provides a full detailed analysis of how he captured that picture. It includes information about which lens he has used and how. Whether you do professional photography or not, these tips give you an idea about photography perspectives, equipment, and techniques. These things can be game-changers for some photographers.

These are only a few from the thousands of photography blogs out there. Find a reliable blog website and follow it, or try new blog sites every time. Whichever way you do it, you’re learning nevertheless. No matter where you stand in your expertise in photography, these blogs find a way to surprise you with new knowledge.


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