10 Moments to Capture.

They say that our eyes are like cameras and our brains like memory cards, but are they really? Do you really preserve every detail of an event like a picture or video does? No doubt that some moments can only be understood when experienced and no recording does any justice to those sensations but we do need a prompt to remind us of those moments to bring back all those feelings and memories and there is no better way to do it than by capturing them. Did you know that when you think about a past event, you are actually recalling your most recent memory about it? This is why our memories get distorted with time! So instead of fighting with your friend over whether it was raining that day or not, you can just look at the pictures.

1. Your big day: the wedding

Now, of course you don’t want your wedding day memories to be distorted and the only way that can be avoided is to have an album loaded with hundreds of pictures and you can just pull out of your cupboard and relive everything again. There is so much going on at a wedding day that bride and groom barely get a moment to stop and savor the experiences they are having. Hence, it is very important to record the beautiful instances as they go by so that the bride, groom and their families can sit together, look at the pictures and enjoy all those moments that they might have missed at the actual event.

2. Happy Birthday to you.

No matter how old one turns, birthdays hold a great importance to a person. Whether they admit it or not, it feels great when you get a surprise party or a heartfelt birthday wish. Capturing those moments is almost as essential as candles on a birthday cake. To make birthday pictures more expressive, balloons are a must. They play a major role in making the scenes colourful and vibrant, therefore, giving happy vibes. Candid shots of the birthday boy/girl are also significant, whether it is a picture of them blowing the birthday candles, or getting cake viciously rubbed against their face.

3. Baby steps.

You need to be there to enjoy your child’s milestones but you mustn’t forget to take pictures and videos for those who aren’t. It will also enable you to repeatedly look back at those moments, obsesses over them and proudly share your energy with your loved ones. Human memory is not trust worthy enough to rely on, it’s always better to be camera-ready and have back up in form of images to remind you of every moment your baby girl/boy made your heart swell up with happiness, like a picture of your 3 year old boy standing in a neatly ironed uniform and a big backpack ready for their first day at school.

4. The day of the corsage.

The highlight of the (to be honest) miserable high school life is the prom and it would be absurd not have pictures of the day you have anxiously waited for throughout middle and high school. It is the day you look and feel all grown up. Now, by pictures, I don’t only mean those awkward pictures your parents excitedly take in the dimly lit house with their phones but actual non-blurry, good quality and if possible, professionally taken pictures in front of either a pretty landscape or the flowery décor of the event. It is a smart move to preplan some poses so that the picture-taking process is quick and you have more time to enjoy the prom.

5. Caps in the air.

Nothing feels better than finally tasting the fruit of your efforts and realizing that the efforts were probably worth it. With a graceful graduation gown draped on your shoulders and a degree to proudly display, a picture is more than necessary. After all, days like this come once in a lifetime. Some mandatory pictures include: the solo, one with mom and dad, one with the college squad, one with the best friend and of course, the cliché yet vital throwing-the-caps-in-the-air picture. It’s not that easy to take that picture though, so make sure your photographer has mastered this pose since it’s all about timing!

6. Survived another year.

As relationships go by, you start to notice tiny imperfections in your partner and they start to bug you too. Wedding anniversaries are beautiful because they remind you of how strong the bond of marriage is and how you celebrate the good moments in life and try to forget the bitter ones. Just like the photos, you embrace the little details and issues and focus on the small details that mean the most, in both pictures and relationships. Anniversary pictures usually have the element of the colour red which is best combined with roses. Try taking a very similar picture every year and end up with a cute timeline of all the years spent together.

7. Family comes first.

Family occasions like Christmas and thanksgiving are those few events when the whole family is reunited so it is best to take huge family portraits, although, annoyingly enough, there is always this one aunt or uncle who is missing each year making it almost impossible to ever have  a ”complete” family picture. It is fun to recreate pictures too! Candid shots of barbeque preparations, gossiping women and running children are usually taken to send to relatives not present at the moment and when these pictures are found later, there is always an element of surprise.

8. Road trippin’.

The best part of road trips is the not the beautiful sceneries or the journey but the company you have. By the end of a trip with your friends, when you transfer pictures to your laptop, it is always shocking to realize that you have taken over a thousand pictures. The best part is, every picture has so many stories and memories attached to them that it is hard to let yourself delete even the blurriest and ugliest ones so you end up keeping all of them. The same picture that has a special place in your heart may not mean anything to someone. That is the power of images!

9. Capture it, baby!

One of the most beautiful moments to capture is of a newborn baby, especially when you dress them like tiny angels. If you are lucky enough, you may get the chance to catch their first smile. A pink themed background for a girl and a blue themed background for a boy look absolutely precious in pictures. You may even colour code the parent’s clothes and take magnificent family pictures. Maternity shoots are also heartwarming and there are great ideas for pregnancy photo-shoots out there, which is properly executed look adorable. There is a lot of creativity involved in these types of pictures and they must capture the essence of purity.

10. Little things that matter.

It’s not only the major events you should religiously capture but also small moments in your everyday life which matter a lot. Funny faces that your friend makes, your favourite meal, a breathtaking sunset, capture it all. It makes you more conscious of all your blessings and slows you down to take notice of things which are usually so easy to miss. You may forget about these pictures for a very long time but finding them years later will make you ever so nostalgic about all the memories attached to that single picture! 


Remember, every moment is worth the while and to make sure that it is a moment that lasts forever, just click it. Memories are made permanent when they are repeated or refreshed; which is why pictures are your most recommended tool for reviving and reliving the past. The funny thing about time is that when its gone, you can never reverse it, unless you take the help pf photographs. 

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