100 Free Photoshop Actions

Using pre-made Photoshop actions can make image post-processing a whole lot easier, not to mention quicker. Action creators record a set of commands, and after you download the action and apply it in Photoshop, the program will automatically repeat the same sequence commands on your image. 

There are so many professional and artistic actions individuals have come up with, and the best part is they’re readily available and free for personal use. There are many free photoshop actions. Let’s look at 100 of the most interesting ones!

1.   Golden Hour

They say it’s the best time of the day where the sunlight is perfect for photography, but feels like much less than an hour! If you miss the actual golden hour, Exposure Empire has got your back. You can apply this effect to incorporate warm tones within your image and recreate the golden hour.

2.   Action

This free Photoshop action is actually called “action” since it makes your image seem like a Hollywood action movie. By adding teal and orange color grading to the picture, a feel similar to Hollywood is given, instantly adding that cinematic touch.

3.   Light and Bright

Another great action by the Exposure Empire is the light and bright action. It lightens the picture and is best for use on darkened or underexposed images. For an automatic bright touch, this is your go-to action.

4.   Family

This action is also great for photos that need a lot of brightening. It includes a hint of the cross-processing effect and gives an incredible boost to the colors of the image, making it very vibrant and bright.

5.   Wonderland

The “Wonderland” action can create amazing edits with just one click. It makes your photo truly look like a scene out of a magical and wonderful place. It’s great for use on any type of picture whether it’s scenery or a portrait.

6.   Corrupted VHS

Corrupted VHS allows you to create a glitch effect in your image and give it a completely old and retro feel. This action works amazingly to create a realistic looking glitches within your picture.

7.   Western

This is another cinematic effect which turns your image into an old-time western scene. The action applies sepia styles and includes brown tones to create an original western vibe. To enhance the overall effect, it reduces the saturation as well.

8.   Supernova

The Supernova action adds an explosive effect to your image and inverts the colors to give the proper “supernova” feel. This action is great to use on portraits since it can make your image look as if it’s a character straight out of a movie.

9.   Love

This action creates stunning effects in your images with radiant colors, while giving an overall feel of love and affection. Use it to transform memorable portraits of yourself and your loved ones and make a keepsake you will cherish forever.

10.   Crimson Shimmer

This action turns your image into a wonderful shimmery scene, while highlighting the red or “crimson” elements within the image. The effect makes your images beautiful in just one click and can be used in all types of photography.

11.   Cross Processing

This free photoshop action gives the look similar to that of cross processing. The vibe of your image becomes hip and cool with the “Cross Processing” action. It is very useful and quick to apply on portraits and can be used in scenic images or product photography as well.

12.   Koda Color

The “Koda Color” is a beautiful action which makes your image seem like a Kodak film. It adds warm tones to your image and brightens it to give it the subtle film like feel. It gives any type of photo, portrait or landscape, an amazing new look.

13.   Sci-Fi

This action gives images a mix of blue tones and changes the contrast dramatically to achieve the science fiction effect. The image automatically seems like it is from a high tech scene. “Sci-Fi” can be used on just about every type of image.

14.   Technicolor

The “Technicolor” Photoshop action is used to mimic the effects of the 20’s and 30’s films. The colors and enhancements are used to recreate the look of the old films. It’s very unique and great for use on all types of images.

15.   Sharp

This action is simple and straightforward; it creates a sharp look in your image. “Sharp” can be used for any photograph to make the image quality better.

16.   Pencil Drawing

The “Pencil Drawing” action changes your picture into a drawing that looks like it was just sketched. This action is perfect if you’re looking for a quick method to make a fun artistic drawing out of your image.

17.   Bluer Eyes

For those wishing to create bluer eyes in your portraits, this is exactly the right action to use. This specific and unique action enhances the blue eye color on the subject by increasing its vibrancy.

18.   Haze

The “Haze” action gives a subtle but beautiful effect to your images by softening and lightening the picture and creating a nice, hazy look. The action works amazingly on images that are taken outdoors with the best light.

19.   Rusted 3D

This action creates a rusted look in your image along with incorporating a 3D view. The rusted feel is given by adding brown and copper tones. The “Rusted 3D” action works best on images with text.

20.   Dark Forest

This action adds shadows and different combinations of light in the forest and scenic images to create a “Dark Forest” effect. This action is dark, unique, and vibrant and can be used for all types of landscape photography.

21.   Color Pop

This Photoshop action makes the colors in your image stand out. It brightens the colors and hues to make them pop and enhances the brightness, vibrancy, and shadows within the image. It can improve any dull photo with just a simple click.

22.   Vanillaroid

This unique and beautiful free photoshop action turns your image into a faded and bright version of itself. The “Vanillaroid” action gives off a dream-like and creamy vibe. It would work very well with flower photography and other scenery.

23.   Vintage Green

The “Vintage Green” action enhances the green hues within your image and gives the entire picture a completely vintage aura. The action creates stunning portraits and landscapes and enhances the overall lighting and colors of the pictures as well.

24.   Intense

The Exposure Empire has provided the “Intense” action which creates a feeling of intensity within your images by enhancing the colors and saturation. The darkness and shadows add to the intense feel of the entire photograph, making this effect dramatic and best for scenic images.

25.   Dim and Jaded

This action dims the photo and adds a jade, or greenish, colored touch. It is a unique effect which enhances the overall photo and gives it an old and nostalgic vibe.

26.   Film Noir

The “Film Noir” action gives your photo an old film look by converting it to black and white tones. It adds a large amount of grain effects and lessens the contrast to achieve that genuine film-like vibe. The effect works amazingly for all types of images.

27.   Cold Breeze

This action makes the color tones of your image more cool and adds a nice washed effect. It works very well on photography of food or products, and can be incorporated into portraits as well. The “Cold Breeze” is a basic yet elegant action.

28.   Comics

To create a fun and interesting effect in your adobe photos, try the “Comics” action. It works amazing on photographs of people to make a comic-like scene by adding dots, lines, and other comic features. You can apply it on multiple photos and create your very own version of a comic strip.

29.   Dream Blur

This action creates a dreamy and blurry look within your images. If you’re going for a bold and dream like look, the “Dream Blur” action is one you should definitely try. It adds blur effects along with shadows and color corrections to achieve the overall feel.

30.   Architectural Visualization

This photoshop action is extremely unique and gives an amazing artistic touch to your images. The “Architectural Visualization” action adds stunning colors and graphics to your photos and works best for photography of architecture and buildings.

31.   Watermark

This action is simple and is used only to insert your own watermark into the image. It gets tedious attempting to add watermarks to each and every image, and having to repeat the entire process every time. This action can save you a lot of time and effort.

32.   Violet Light Leak

The “Violet Light Leak” adds a stunning violet based light leak effect to your image. It is great for outdoor photographs and portraits, where the light is well incorporated in the picture already. The action also gives a soft faded effect to your image.

33.   Grey Matte

This action gives a nostalgic vibe to your picture and is an alternate to the traditional matte style. The “Grey Matte” focuses on the grey color tones and applies a beautiful matte touch to the image. It makes portraits look amazing but can be used with other photography types too.

34.   Animated Snow

This action creates beautiful snow-like effects in your adobe pictures, to give the feel of a cold wintry day. The “Animated Snow” adds snow particles in your image such that they give the feel of being animated. It is great for using with landscape and scenery photographs.

35.   Lines

This artistic action turns your image into a picture of lines. It makes your image seem like it has been hand drawn or made by an artist. “Lines” can be used on any kind of photo, but works the best with portraits as the borders are easier to detect.

36.   Lifestyle

This free photoshop action includes many different parts, each part being a filter that you can easily apply to your image. “Lifestyle” targets the basic edits needed for everyday photos and can be used on all types of photography.

37.   Fantasy

This action makes your images seem like a fantasy by adding bright hues, cross processing techniques and faded matte effects. “Fantasy” works amazing with landscape and portrait photography, giving your photos a unique and mystical look.

38.   Popper

This action truly does make your photos pop. It targets the colors in your photo and makes them all vibrant and bright, so the entire picture can be enhanced and give off  a cheerful, happening vibe. “Popper” is great for all sorts of photos.

39.   Regressive Noise

This action adds warm and faded tones to your image. It also brightens the image and gives it a unique colored touch. The “Regressive Noise” action is different than the typical noise effects and can work great with portrait photography.

40.   Animated Rain

The “Animated Rain” action gives an incredible effect to your pictures. It adds particles of rain to the entire photo which make it seem like the picture was taken during a rainy scene. It works very well with all types of photography, and would look great if used on beautiful scenic images.

41.   Creamy

This action is great to add a creamy look to your photographs. It changes the white balance and white tones in your photo to give it that cream-like feeling. 

42.   Mini Fusion

This action adds various new tints and hues within your image, it also creates more vibrant and bright images. All you need is one click, and your photo is immediately enhances with the “Mini Fusion” action. It works terrifically with portraits.

43.   Miami Wash

This action will make your photography seem like its straight out of a Miami scene. The stunning effect gives your picture an overall wash and adds such beautiful tones of purple, blue, and red to make your photography truly stand out.

44.   Paradise

This action creates a stunning effect on your image, it adds bright red and brown tones to create a whole new vibe. The “Paradise” action would work great for portraits and landscapes where the red, orange, or brown hues could use more enhancement.

45.   Copper

This free action gives your photo a copper-like effect. “Copper” adds beautiful brown and orange tones to create a unique look. Use it for any type of images, including portraits, flowers, cityscapes, and much more.

46.   Charming

“Charming” adds an interesting faded effect to your photo and changes the entire look and feel. This action uses brown and neutral colors to enhance the photo considerably but keep its main features intact. “Charming” works great on landscape and other scenery.

47.   Dreamy Rose

“Dreamy Rose” is a beautiful action that can be used on flower photography or any other type as well. It enhances the pink and off-white hues and gives a dreamy and delicate feel to the image.

48.   Foliage

This free action gives your image a touch of blue and green hues and adds an overall creamy white feel. It incorporates a dark and mellow vibe within the image and can be used for various kinds of photography.

49.   Old Tones

This action makes your image look like it was taken in another time. The “Old Tones” action uses brown and earthly hues in your image to give an old-time feel and adds bright areas and shadows to enhance the photo overall.

50.   Retrograde Mint

This action gives your photo a minty vibe by transforming the colors into blue-green hues and lightening the image. The “Retrograde Mint” also gives an overall feel of a retro style image and is great for portraits and other images as well.

51.   Coffee

This action makes your image look like “Coffee” by toning it down to brownish hues and adding faded and washed effects. The action works very well on all types of photography.

52.   White Skin

This is the go-to action for anyone looking to instantly enhance their portrait photography. The “White Skin” action simple targets the skin portion of the portrait and enhances it to create an overall fairer look on the subjects face.

53.   Sepia

The sepia effect is widely known for its charming feel and this “Sepia” action is no less. It has three different variations to the original sepia effect with each having its unique features. This action is quite simple and straightforward, but gives an amazing effect to your image.

54.   Amanda

This action is great for giving your images a retro and old-time feel. “Amanda” creates faded and washed effects and tones down the color combinations of the image to simple brown, cream, and beige like colors.

55.   Spring Fever

This action makes your photos beautiful by brightening, fixing the shadows, and incorporating more vibrancy. “Spring Fever” chooses the perfect colors in your photos to enhance and make the overall effect on the photo simple yet aesthetic.

56.   Watercolor

The “Watercolor” action creates an artistic piece from your photo, making it seem just like a watercolor painting. Use this effect if you need a quick fix to turn your photo into a work of art.

57.   Ablue

This free photoshop action focuses on the blue aspects of the photo, it creates cool tones within the image and improves exposure, brightness, and colors. “Ablue” is great for portraits but has applications on all other types of photography too.

58.   Christmas

Great for the holidays, this action gives a beautiful, nostalgic vibe to your photos. “Christmas” action doesn’t necessarily have to be used on holiday photography, it works well to enhance any type of image.

59.   Sky

The “Sky” action enhances the elements of sky photographs such as the clouds, lightning, stars, etc. The colors are made vibrant and brightened by this action while focusing on blues, purples, yellows, white, grays, all of which are commonly found in sky photography.

60.   Bluebell

“Bluebell” brings out the blue and purple tones in your photo and enhances the photo by also working on white balance, brightness, shadows, and a lot more. This action is simple yet makes your photos beautiful in an instant.

61.   Purple Night

This action targets the purple components within your image and brings them out, also enhancing the picture overall and creating a “night” effect. “Purple Night” is best for portraits, food photography, scenery, and a lot more.

62.   Heavy color

“Heavy Color” adds bright colors to your images and brings extra saturation to make your picture pop. This dazzling effect works great with any type of image, whether its a portrait or landscape, or a picture of a flower.

63.   Sparkling Green

The “Sparkling Green” photoshop action, as expected, would be great for enhancing green hues in photos. It will work amazingly on scenery or plants to bring out the green tones and create a subtle cross process effect as well.

64.   Color me crazy

This action is quite unique and it adds beautiful colors to your pictures. Best for use with landscape pictures, it creates vibrant colors in your image and you can add multiple bright colors in one picture as well.

65.   Make me autumn

This action is great to use on Autumn photography, as stated in the title itself. It can turn any given photograph of scenery into a gorgeous Autumn scene. The action includes three effects; All orange, Light, and Vibrant, each with it’s unique application.

66.   Saturation Yellow Red

This Photoshop action is used to bring out the yellow and red elements in your photo. It is versatile and can be used on any kind of photography to give it a soft and natural look. The “Saturation Yellow Red” gives your photos an overall beautiful and nostalgic feel.

67.   Water Nymph

This unique and interesting action makes your image seem like a fantasy. Great for underwater photography, the “Water Nymph” action gives your photo warm, mystical toned colors.

68.   Imagine

This stunning action really does transform your photo into an imagination. The action incorporates great vibrant tones into your photo with added fades and color toning. “Imagine” is surely a creative way to instantly enhance your pictures.

69.   Double Exposure

This action can combine two photos and create an interesting artistic model of the two. “Double Exposure” is an amazing action you can use to create unique combinations with your pictures all in one simple click.

70.   Dispersion

On average this effect would take hours to achieve, but with the “Dispersion” action you can create an amazing and intricate effect on your photo with just one click. The action will make your photos stand out for sure, especially the portraits.  

71.   Ocean Air

This stunning action makes your photos look like they’re straight out of an oceanic scene. The action incorporates warm and cool sea color tones and focuses on blue hues to create a light and calm feel.

72.   Milky Blue

This action takes your image and creates a “Milky” effect by changing the light parts of the image and created the “Blue” effect by toning down the colors to the cool spectrum. Hence the combination makes an interesting “Milky Blue” effect for your photo.

73.   Frost Bite

“Frost Bite” actually does make your pictures seem as if they’ve gone through extreme cold. The action adds cool blue tones to your image to give it an icy feel and changes the brightness and saturation.

74.   Lighten Up

This basic action is simple and great for quickly adding a bright touch to your images. It simply targets the exposure and brightness aspects of your photo and instantly creates a whole new lightened image.

75.   Dark

The “Dark” action consists of three variations you can apply to your photos, each with a unique blend of colors and enhancements to make your photos stand out for sure. The purpose of this action is to create a dark, artistic effect within your photography.

76.   Orton Glow

This photoshop action adds a beautiful glow to your picture. The best use of “Orton Glow” is on photos of bodies of water or waterfalls, as the glowing water creates a beautiful dream-like effect. It can be used to give the same effect to portraits or landscapes as well.

77.   Blurred Cityscapes

This action is perfect to use on cityscape photography. It blurs the outlines of the buildings to give the photo a deep grunge look and makes the entire vibe of the picture seem very artistic and unique.

78.   Touch of Pink

The action does exactly as describes, it gives a pink effect to the entire image. It’s great for using on flower photography as many flowers are of pink and red shades, but can be used for portraits and landscapes as well. Either way, the “Touch of Pink” is sure to make your pictures look delicate and beautiful.

79.   Vibrant Water

For the perfect use, this action can be applied on pictures where the main subject is any body of water. The “Vibrant Water” action enhances the vibrancy of the water in the image. It makes the water colors such as blue, green, violet, stand out and make the entire picture look stunning.

80.   Veronica

This action adds a beautiful and vibrant light leak to your photo along with enhancing the colors and making your picture loud and vibrant. the action also gives your image a charming and soft effect.

81.   London Fog

“London Fog” applies a soft and misty effect to your images and can be used on cityscapes, landscapes, or any kind of portraits. The overall effect is very simple and clean and gives your photo an instant lift.

82.   Watercolor Painting

This free photoshop action called “watercolor painting” makes your images look exactly like an original painting made of watercolors. The effects is best to use on portraits but you can apply it on any type of pictures, it’ll work just as well.

83.   Zodiac

“Zodiac” is a brilliant effect to use on portraits, it creates an overall galaxy effect on your picture and incorporates a zodiac star sign within the design.

84.   Soft Red

“Soft Red” does exactly as the name suggests, it gives your image a soft look along with enhancing the red color tones. This effect is amazing for use on flower or nature photography, automatically boosting the red, pink, orange, and purple aspects within the picture.

85.   Pure Oil Art

One of the most interesting actions is “Pure Oil Art” where you can create an amazing oil painting like photo in one go. This action saves a huge amount of time when you’re looking for a quick way to turn your photography into an artistic masterpiece.

86.   Spell

This action gives your photo an incredible matte finish while using brown and earthy tones to create a retrospective effect. “Spell” is perfect for use on any type of photography, especially cityscape and scenic views.

87.   Neverland

This action gives your image a soft, dreamy touch and enhances brightness, contrast, and colors. The “Neverland” action can be used on an image of any type and it also sets a blurred and bleached vibe to your photos.

88.   Pixel Stream

You can add awesome pixel stream effects to your image with this action. It takes a whole lot of effort creating this effect with multiple steps and manipulations, but the “pixel stream” action lets you complete the task in one click. 

89.   Color Boost

The “Color Boost” photoshop action gives a boost to all the colors in your image, making your picture beautiful and vibrant. A dull image can be instantly fixed by balancing and boosting the colors and creating just the right amount of saturation and vibrancy.

90.   Particles

The action lets you choose from one of four movement directions. You can create movement for left, right, up, and down, all according to your requirement. This type of post processing consumes hours but this action completes it in simply a few clicks.

91.   Smoke

This action is amazing to use on pictures in order to create professional looking effects. The “smoke” action lets you add smoke in the shape of your main subject and is one of the most unique effects to date. It works best for portrait images, as you need one main subject to carry out the transformations.

92.   Film Look

The “Film Look” action by Presetpro is amazing for giving a filmy look to your photography. Similar to a film camera, the effect adds cool tones to the photo and a hint of cross-processing. The photos are given a warm yet subtly cool look and feel.

93.   Cherry Haze

This action enhances the red tones in your images giving it a vibrant “Cherry” like effect. It also gives the image a hazy look, contributing to the overall dream-like reddish effect in the photo.

94.   Colored Dive

The “Colored Dive” action turns your photography into an artistic piece. It adds colorful paint strokes to your image and creates a wonderful canvas feel, with vibrant grunge and stroke effects and shadow and light adjustments.

95.   Branch Blur

The photoshop action “Branch Blur” is great for use on branch photography but may be used in a whole other range of photography too. The effect gives soft but vibrant red, purple, orange, and yellow tones to your picture and makes it seem hazy and dream like.

96.   Film Wash

This free action by Presetpro provides a warm finish with a soft matte effect. With just one click, you can make your image seem like a scene from a retro film.

97.   Brown Green Both

This unique action enhances the brown and green tones within your image, and creates a vintage and filmy look which looks great in portraits. You can use this action for landscapes as well, creating a unique and charming effect.

98.   Rustic

Presetpro provides this amazing action called “Rustic” which turns your pictures into a vintage scene, adding warm tones and brightening colors. You can use this action with a variety of photography types such as portraits, landscapes, etc.

99.   Chelsea

This Photoshop action gives a warm and retro look to your image. It’s great for use on portraits to recreate an old-time effect, and also brightens and fades the color tones of the image.

100.   Aspen

This action helps you create a retro finish to your images, it adds cool, faded effects and provides an overall enhanced output. Try Aspen for a quick, faded looking effect.

There are just so many actions to choose from and each one adds it’s own unique and beautiful touch to your images. From exposure to shadows, to colors, washes and hues, these actions target all your image processing needs and can save you tremendous amount of time and effort.

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