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The Top 20 Wedding Photography Mistakes Not to Make

Wedding photography is one of the essential things for any wedding. Every couple wants to have beautiful memories of their wedding day. Selecting the right wedding photographer is of utmost importance, as he is solely responsible for superb wedding photos.

If you are looking to take the wedding photos yourself, you must go through our list of 20 wedding photography mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Unconfirmed schedule of the wedding day

A wedding day is of most significance for people so it should be appropriately finalized. One must talk to the photographer before finalizing it. A photographer has to consider a lot in terms of photography and natural lighting.  They should be aware of which time is more photogenic. Mid-day sun casts an unflattering and harsh shadow on the face while late day sun casts a warm and beautiful glow on everyone.

2. The missing contract for wedding photography

The first thing after the finalizing of the wedding day is the signing of the agreement with the photographer. Each and everything should be discussed in the contract like the time, wedding photoshoot, and printed photos.

3. Ambiguity About the Poses

The poses should be decided earlier as there are no random poses for the couple at a wedding. They can cause conflict and discrepancies. A meeting should be set with the bride and groom before the shoot. The photographer and client should be clear about the poses, and they must be finalized by the photographer.

4. Changes in the Finalized Plan

One should be focused, attentive, and respectful to the decision the person and photographer have taken together. Stick to the plan that you initially thought of. It assures that things go smoothly for both parties. If you make last-minute changes, it is bound to create problems during the photography session. 

5. Keep relatives at the bay

At weddings, everyone likes to take pictures using their smartphones or cameras. Such people tend to make it difficult for a photographer to take quality pictures as they come in between the photography. They take personal wedding photos and make the photographer miss his shot. Those people should be told not to disturb the photographer.

6. Defining your interests

Everyone has their own choice for photography. The couple should send photos of themselves to the photographer so he can get an idea of what they like. Do not forget to tell the photographer such details before they start to take your shots; complaining later won’t be of any use.

7. Compromising on the wedding coordinator

A photographer should ask for a coordinator or controller as the couple would be unlikely to help him on their wedding day. A coordinator can be a sibling, a friend, or a relative. A coordinator should help arrange with friends or family group photos; they can create coordination between the photographer and the couple easily

8. Not getting a second shooter/ assistant

 Doing wedding photos alone is a tough job. If a photographer goes alone, he or she would have to face problems. Sometimes, to save money, the couple arranges only one photographer for the wedding, but managing lights and other stuff would be difficult for the photographer alone. A photographer should hire an assistant or another shooter to help them out for the best photos.

9. Spares – must-haves!

A photographer can run out of memory or battery at the wedding. One must have backups ready for not looking unprofessional and ruining the day. Always carry extra batteries and memory cards for a worry-free shoot.  

10. Listening to everyone at the wedding

A professional photographer should have some control over the people with a level of assertiveness. There are a lot of people who will tell the photographer to do this and that, but a photographer should stick to his own perspective and agreement between him and his client.  He should avoid the random suggestions as it will create problems in the already set schedule.

 11. Missing the first look

One of the most important things at a  wedding is the firsts; they should not be avoided. The firsts are remembered for lifetimes like the first look, first dance and many more. A photographer should make a schedule for firsts. Missing the first on wedding photography is a huge mistake, and it can cost a photographer for the long term.

12. Trying to position

A good photographer should be able to decide the position and poses. He must give directions to get the best shots and moments captured for the day. The pictures will be amazing if the couple or person is relaxed. One should be in a moment according to the photographer’s directions.

13. Waiting too long to book a photographer

A professional photographer would not be readily available on the spot. Nothing can be more frustrating to see the photographer of your choice already booked. So, a photographer should be hired earlier.

 14. Always Looking at the Camera

Some couples want candid photos, and they always look at the camera. Instead, they should act naturally for the best journalistic shots.

15. The mistake of not providing a list of “don’t takes”

One should let the photographer know about the specific photos or shots they dislike to take like “I don’t like the photo u took” or “I don’t like the close up” etc. before time. Afterwards, it will throw off the photographer’s creative approach and destroy his hard work if the bride and groom don’t like the photoshoot.

 16. Skipping the engagement period

The couples should not skip the engagement session as it will increase the confidence and comfort level in front of the camera. The couple must be allowed to practice their photos taken in a no-stake environment or for fun. The engagement photo session will lead to wedding day comfort and trust in the photographer.

17. Employing a specialized photographer

One should choose a photographer with proper credentials. A person who has interned with other photographers has the ability and experience to get the best shots no matter what situation arises.

18. Falling for photography styles

To be wedded want something trendy for their shoots. They want their photographs to be appreciated and valued by every generation. For that one should look for the photographer with classic photography styles and do not use too many digital tricks.

19. Overlooking the details

Every minute detail should be taken into consideration. One should spend time to think of other essential elements of the wedding. One must bring extra invitations to keep those particular elements easily accessible.

20. Not smiling

If the individuals are too shy to look at the camera with a smile, then they should keep their heads up and n look down. It keeps the face from an unflattering angle, which occurs by looking down while walking.

Just make sure that you make the day memorable, whether you are a professional photographer or not. Your clicks are going to last most people their lifetime. A wedding marks one of the most important days in the lives of the bride and groom. The gathering is celebratory and romantic. Music is played, the dance floor fills with joy and motion, and spirits are high.

Photographers are the top priority in the event. They need the mastery of technical skills in a highly energetic environment that captures the beautiful moments of life, creates a beautiful, memorable story for a lifetime. Wedding photography should be flawless. If you are a wedding photographer, then you should know the rules to optimize the SEO for your images.


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