Canon EOS R Comes Out!

Canon just released its first full frame mirrorless camera, the EOS R. The camera is positioned to compete with the still-to-be-released Nikon Z6 and the Sony α7 III, the EOS R offers 30.3-megapixel resolution and introduces a new 12-pin RF mount, which has an inner diameter of 54 mm and a flange focal distance of 20 mm.

EOS R belongs to the serious enthusiast/ professional category where, depending upon which lens it’s paired with, it could cover a wide range of subject types and shooting genres. The maximum burst speed of eight frames/second (fps) offers the potential for sports and wildlife photography, although it drops to 4.5 fps if continuous AF is engaged, which may be unacceptable to those who rely on burst shooting to get the shots they need.

Aside from that, the new camera offers some advantages over the similarly-specified EOS 5D Mark IV, being both physically smaller (in all dimensions except depth) and 230 grams lighter. Most controls are similarly positioned, and the menu system is familiar and logically arranged.

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