Top 100 Free Online Editors

Are you looking for a quick fix for your photographs? Want to create an exciting collage or birthday card for a loved one? Or, you need professional editing but can’t seem to be bothered with purchasing an entire editing software. The solution is easy: Online editors. They’re free and straightforward to use. 

There is a multitude of things that can be done using these web-based editors. Some editors are very straightforward and provide only basic editing tools, while others are complex and offer a wide range of advanced editing tools. Most of them provide the fundamental editing tools along with some of their own added unique features. Following are the top 100 free online editors available right at your fingertips:

screenshot of free online editor

1.    Photovisi

Photovisi is an online editor which has a photo editor and collage maker. With the photo editor you can add filters, crop and resize, draw, and add text, stickers, and frames. Photovisi is a great tool since it’s fast and very simple to use.


2.      Img2go

This editor helps convert between different formats of images but is also a basic image editor. With img2go you can crop, rotate, add watermarks, stickers, frames, or text. The specialty of img2go is letting you convert between formats which isn’t easily found in every software.

3.      Ribbet

With Ribbet you can turn photos into collages or cards or use the editor for basics like cropping or resizing. It also includes different effects and lets you edit exposure, colors, etc. Ribbet has a great user interface and many basic and advance editing options.

4.      Pictonize

This editor lets you do basic image transformations like rotate, resize, or flip, and adjust the image parameters like brightness and contrast. Pictonize also has unique filters to enhance your photos. The best part about Pictonize is its one of a kind filter library.

5.      Phixr

Phixr has the basic editing tools and some exciting additions like speech bubbles and geotagging your photos. You can also create HDR images and add special effects for comic or drawing like pictures. Phixr is unique since it provides geotagging and HDR features that are not found commonly in online editors.

6.      Tuxpi

Tuxpi gives you the basic photo editing tools along with a lot of effects and the ability to add frames and borders. You can also create interesting montages. This editor is one of the very few which allow you to create complex montages within the ease and simplicity of the software.

7.      Picozu

This online photo editor lets you draw and paint on your photos, add shapes, and do basic transformations. With Picozu you can also create layers and apply filters. This editor is great for  creative art on your photos 

8.      Photopea

Photopea has a wide range of tools available for editing photos from the lasso tool to gradients, brushes, and spot healing. The layout and functions are quite like the photoshop software. This editor mimics the layout of photoshop so if you’re looking for something similar, Photopea is perfect.

9.      Photocat

With this free online editor you can add effects, frames, text, and make fun collages. Photocat also lets you retouch your photos and add beautifying features such as smooth skin and mascara. The unique feature of Photocat is its face enhancing effects.

10. PixTeller

PixTeller is an easy-to-use online image editor & animation maker to create: posters, animated gifs, logos, photo collages, quote pictures, banners, invitations, flyers, video thumbnails & more.

You can choose from hundreds of free pre-design graphic templates, professionally crafted, easy to use and customize them with the help of PixTeller’s image editor and animation maker tool.


11.      Fotoram.io

Fotoram.io provides the basic editing tools along with color, noise, and vignette. You can use Fotoram to create effects and textures on your photos or add frames, text, and clipart. Fotoram is overall a comprehensive and quick tool to use for photo editing.

12.      Polarr

This editor provides various filters, cropping and layering options, text and retouching. You can also make the basic image adjustments and see history of previous edits. Polarr is great to use because it provides a brief but helpful tutorial when you start the web application.

13.       SumoPaint

The name catches the user immediately and overall SumoPaint is fun and easy to use. It allows you to create paintings or drawings similar to the Microsoft paint application but with many added tools too. You can also share your images within the SumoPaint community and see other’s creations.

14.       Befunky

Befunky lets you batch edit photos and do the basic transformations and edits. You can create transparent backgrounds and also retouch the portrait photographs. This editor’s special feature is letting one choose from a range of creative icons and graphics to add to your photos.

15.      Fotor

Fotor is great for basic editing of your photos and for making collages and designs. Some distinctive features of the editor are the fine-tune and HDR tools and the ability to upload your pictures directly to cloud storage. Overall the editor is creative and simple to use.

16.      iPiccy

The name is unique however the features and layout are quite similar to that of Fotor. The basic tools are present along with the ability to retouch photos, make fun collages and create designs using graphic designer tools. iPiccy is a straightforward web application and does the job well.

17.      Fotojet

The editor allows you to create collages or edit photos and the editor is easy to understand with many interesting effects. With Fotojet you can add text,different filters, frames, overlays, and conduct advance editing steps. Fotojet is versatile and simple to use.

18.      Pixlr

Pixlr is a widely used online software that provides a fresh and simple user interface with straightforward tools. You can perform basic and advanced edits on your photos. Pixlr lets you add overlays, borders, shapes, and much more. Pixlr is overall a great pick for someone searching for a very easy-to-use but wide-ranging editor.

19.      Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop is famous for its professional features and multitude of tools including pre-made actions. The adobe photoshop express online editor provides the same tools but for no cost and easy access. Those looking for photoshop quality edits should definitely keep photoshop express on their list.

20.      FlexClip

This online video editor is a fantastic tool to create and edit videos. Whether you are looking to make videos for personal or professional use, FlexClip can make the process simple. It’s easy to use features enable you to create, eye-catching and creative videos, conveniently.

flexclip editor showing how to create marketing videos

21.      Lunapic

Lunapic lets you do the basic edits to your photographs and ad various effects and filters including special art effects. It is a very basic level editor with minimal functions so if you’re looking for the quickest fix, Lunapic should do the job well.

22.      PiZap

PiZap is similar to Ribbet and is a comprehensive tool for all your photo editing needs and much more. The interface is very easy to use, and it let’s you add interesting effects and filters along with the basic editing features. If you want to learn GIF animation, PiZap is a great tool.

23.      Canva

Canva is a tool used universally by graphic designers and photographers do to its easily understandable interface and variety of designing options. The best aspect of Canva is the speed of its application and the unique and fun range of professional design tools.

24.      Image Chef

This free online editor is extremely easy to navigate and designed well for an online editor of its type, it allows you to create photos that are full of life by adding a ton of different effects. You can use Image Chef for creating cards, greetings, posters, and much more. The application provides a whole variety of add-ons.

25.      Photoscape

Photoscape is another very simple and easy to use tool which supports a bunch of image formats. There are many different professional effects to choose from when trying to enhance your photos. The biggest advantage of the editor is that its simple and there are no advertisements.

26.      Photo Pos Pro

This online editor is different from the rest since it allows you to manipulate your photos easily. For example you can remove and replace your photograph’s background or remove unwanted objects from the screen. Photos Pos Pro has the basic functionalities of a good photo editor along with great added features.

27.      InPixio

InPixio is extremely easy to use and provides features such as color correction, photo retouching, and the basic photo editing tools. It supports mostly all image formats.

28.      Photoworks

This editor provides tutorials on how to use it and allows you add great basic style filters and perform photo retouching. The curve manipulation feature is very easy to use and overall Photoworks is smooth-running and handy.

29.      PicMonkey

The PicMonkey editor lets you create collages and make basic image edits along with adding text designs. Some interesting features are available with the editor such as funky graphic and textures and creative templates. PicMonkey is altogether a great free editor to use for making gorgeous designs.

30.      Free Online Photo Editor

The name is least creative; however, the Free Online Photo Editor allows quick fixes of photos and supports various formats. The interface is easy to use, and the performance is fast which makes this a great option for basic edits that are needed urgently.

31.      Cut My Pic

Cut My Pic is a very basic tool for resizing and cropping images and you can also add enjoyable frames and borders. There are a range of fun frames that are found in this editor and the overall interface is also fun and interactive.

32.      Photocollage

Photocollage has a drag and drop interface which lets you create collages with your photographs. You can add multiple images and add text as well. This editor is best for creating quick and professional collages.

33.      Online Image Editor

Another unappealing name, however, the editor is fast and completes basic edits very well. You can sharpen, crop, or add overlays too. Some unique features like being able to glitter and animations to your photos is what makes the Online Image Editor noteworthy.

34.      Shutterstock

Shutterstock is well known for its variety of images and graphics available for designers. The Shutterstock editor provides templates and a simple interface with the ability to create interesting social media posts in one go.

35.      PhotoFunia

This editor provides such a variation of effects that it’s difficult to choose which type to apply. There are many filters and effects to choose from, making PhotoFunia one of a kind in the world of online editors.

36.      PhotoMania

The PhotoMania editor lets you easily and quickly create amazing photos and the interface is very fast and responsive. You can add artistic effects and create e-cards with your photographs.

37.      ConvertImage

ConvertImage online is function-specific, letting you focus on the size and properties of your image. You can change between image formats easily, optimize your image, add watermarks, make ID pictures, and perform the basic edits like mirror and crop.

38.      DoneSmart Online Photo Editor

The Done Smart Online Photo Editor does a great job in providing the user with a simple interface. You can add shapes and a whole bunch of graphics are available to make your photographs fun and creative. The DoneSmart Editor is in fact on the more creative side and is useful when you need to incorporate fun into your photographs.

39.      Fotostars

This online editor provides the most important photo editing features along with professional filters and retouching options. For those who love taking selfies, Fotostars the best editor to enhance your photos.

40.      Aviary

Aviary is a famous editor by Adobe which provides top notch editing tools. It provides a huge range of filters, although not all are completely free to use. Overall, Aviary is an amazing tool to use for creating professional looking edits.

41.      Photoflexer

This editor can import your photos directly from any social media site and provides users with an easily understandable interface. You can perform basic edits with Fotoflexer and add shapes, texts, and more to make your photos stand out.

42.      Photo 505

Photo 505 is unique in its interface because as soon as you open the editor, you will see a variety of cool and interesting filters and affects you can easily apply to your photos. This editor is a great choice for someone looking to instantly make their photos seem more fun.

43.      Big Huge Labs

The Big Huge Labs editor provides users with distinctive filters to enhance their photos and gives them the ability to produce different projects like a movie poster or magazine. You can also create mosaics or make a pop art poster. The editor is perfect for those looking for an artsy touch for their photos.

44.      Edit Photos For Free

This online editor is one of the most basic ones with all the fundamental tools to perform image transformations along with some exciting tools. The Edit Photos For Free editor lets you make a collage, remove backgrounds, add effects and filters, and make GIFS and Typography. For such a simple editor, it can accomplish a lot of editing tasks.

45.      Favicon Generator

The Favicon Generator is so simple and basic it will remind you of the initial versions of the Microsoft Paint application. You can essentially crop, resize, add text, and draw on your images.

46.      ILOVEIMG

ILOVEIMG lets you perform necessary edits like resizing and cropping and add some essential filters as well. The interface is entirely straightforward, and performance speed is quite favorable. You can also aff text, shapes, stickers, and draw on your photographs.

47.      ScreenShot

The ScreenShot image editor is so simple yet pleasing to the eye. The interface is easy to deal with and you can perform text edits, cropping, resizing, etc. extremely quickly. The speed and ease of use of this editor makes it the best choice for urgent fixes.

48.      Free Photo Tool

This online editor let’s you perform the basic functions similar to the Photoshop software. The interface is quite similar however the speed may not be up to the mark. The Free Photo Tool is best for those wishing for a quick way to obtain Photoshop like features for their edits.f

49.      Improve Photo

The Improve Photo online editor allows you to give your portrait style photos a quick fix. And by quick, it is actually very quick as it automatically enhances your portrait in one click.

50.      Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is a great editor to perform exactly what it advertises – the professional enhancement of photographs. This editor is great to use for those looking for easy tools to improve the quality of images, improve resolution, and a unique feature of being able to add missing details within a picture using neural networking algorithms.

51.      Pho.to

Pho.to enhances your photo in one only one click. It fixes the colors, removes noise, fixes blurry spots, and removes red eye in portraits. That is a whole lot to offer for a simple online program that you only need to click one button for.

52.      PinkMirror

This online tool target people who want to look better in their photographs. It can remove spots and wrinkles, slim your face, shape the nose, whiten teeth, remove red eye, and enhance your skin tone along with some other beautification features. For those wanting amazing photogenic images of themselves, PinkMirror is the go-to editor.

53.      Photoscissors

This editor lets you make basic level edits only, but it has some interesting marker and drawing tools to make your pictures creative. The Photoscissors web application is overall a quick and easy way to fix up your photos, provided only basic editing is needed.

54.      Kizoa

Kizoa can rotate and crop your pictures and also add frames and filters. The editor is fun to use and provides a fresh user interface. You can also create a video with your pictures, so those looking for a way to create different media should check out Kizoa.

55.      Crello

Crello is focused on creating images for social media posts or digital advertisements. You can also create animated posts, which is in fact a feature unique to an editor of this type. The interface and features are similar to Canva so if you are looking for a quick alternative, this is the perfect editor.

56.      Pixenate

This is one of the simplest free line editors you can possibly find. The interface is extremely easy to use and all the basic image edits can be done with Pixenate. It also has fun effects to add, which is great given the simplicity and conciseness of the editor.

57.      Ez GIF

The Ez GIF online editor is specific to GIF images, one can make a GIF, resize it, and optimize it. You can also convert your videos to GIFS. The advantage of this editor over all the others is that the rest don’t necessarily let you deal with GIF format images.

58.      Background Burner

This impressive online application lets you altogether remove the background from an image with the main object. Only the object remains while the background is eliminated, which makes Background Burner perfect to use for product photography, collages, and much more.

59.      Image Bot

Image Bot editor lets you add stickers, shapes, and logos to your pictures. You can directly import from Facebook, the most widely used social media. A feature unique to this editor is that it provides a great assortment of logos one can use.

60.      Photo Collage Maker

The Photo Collage Maker application lets you make exciting collages for all occasions, combining all your precious memories into one. There are various templates to choose from, and this is an excellent editor to use for someone with a need for a basic collage maker.

61.      Espresso

Espresso can be used to resize, rotate, and apply other simple transformations to your image in three basic steps. The editor is straightforward to use and fast as well. It is a convenient choice for someone who needs a quick edit of the image properties.

62.      Quick Picture Tools

This online editor has many frames, texts, and affects available for your images. The Quick Picture Tools editor lets you crop and manipulate the edges of your picture as well. All around it is a very basic editor required for simple photo fixes.

63.      Snaps Touch

Snaps Touch lets you add natural looking effects to your images. The output quality of the edited photos is quite good, and the overall interface and user experience of the editor is pleasing. A unique feature is that Snaps Touch lets you edit the effects to change their outlook.

64.       Facepixelizer

This web editor is for those who wish to anonymize pictures of their own or anyone else’s face. Facepixelizer is highly specific in terms of editing tools however can be proved useful when you need to pixelate your photo for any reason since its quick and simple.

65.      Picas

Picas is an editor that lets you add effects to your photo in just one click. You can then upload your photo and share it online with the other artists.

66.      Web Resizer

The Web Resizer application lets you easily optimize your images for sending them through email or uploading them on the web where space is limited. The editor is very specific however is a great tool for optimization

67.      Resize Image

This editor is similar to the one mentioned above, it only lets you resize your image for optimization. Resize Image is straightforward and very efficient.

68.      WebCam Toy

WebCam Toy lets you take pictures through your smartphone camera and edit them right away by adding effects or creating fun collages on the spot.

69.      Any Making

Any Making online editor is a very basic tool for adding frames, cropping, filtering, mirroring, rotating, resizing, or adding drop shadows to your images.

70.      Clipping Magic

The Clipping Magic editor is much like the Background Burner, where the background of your photo can be instantly removed, leaving only the main subject.

71.      Simple Image Resizer

The simple image resizer online application is yet again a feature specific tool to optimize your images. Resizing your images is important in places where space is limited and the size of your file is too large.

72.      Smspostbox

The Smspostbox lets you perform basic transformations and add frames, clip art, and drawings to your pictures. It is in fact a great for someone looking for a simple tool to edit their image.

73.      Toolur

Toolur is an online editor which only lets you resize your images and compress them, making the file size smaller and better for storage and uploading.

74.      Online PNG Tool

The Online PNG Tool editor lets you create .png images with transparent backgrounds for use in applications in graphic designing.

75.      Clicksies

Clicksies provides the user with effects, frames, stickers, text, and all the essentials of photo editing, making it an easy to use application for beginners.

76.      Snaggy

Snaggy lets you take a snapshot from within your device and then instantly perform basic edits on it such as cropping and resizing.

77.      JPEG Optimizer

The JPEG Optimizer lets you easily optimize your photos so you can use them in places where space is limited. You can choose the compression level and resizing pixels.

78.      Vector Magic

Vector Magic is a tool used to convert between image formats and it has a unique feature for embroidering and cutting you picture, with the full-color auto tracer.

79.      Removebg

The Removebg editor does exactly what it states, it allows users to instantly remove the background from their image.

80.      Online Retrica

The Online Retrica web application is simple and fast and can perform the basic photo edits and make quick collages.

81.      Pixieset

Pixieset is an online editor targeted for business owners who need quick edits for their photos and need to create innovative designs and logos.

82.      Pixilart

The Pixilart online editor is used to create beautiful pixel art free of cost with an easy to use interface and simple tools and steps.

83.      PDF to Image

PDF to Image editor allows you to convert your image to a PDF format file and is quick and effective to use.

84.     Bulk Resize Photos

In a few simple steps the bulk resize photo editor lets you resize a large amount of images in one go.

85.     IO free online image editor

The IO free online image editor is used for basic picture editing and has a classy and easy to use user interface.

86.     LogoJoy

LogoJoy editor lets you edit your images and convert them to logos or simply create a unique logo from scratch.

87.     GIF Maker

The GIF maker online editor lets you create GIF images using your own images and you can upload up to 300 images together.

88.     Method Editor

The Method editor is a sophisticated version of Microsoft Paint and is fast and easy to use, with a classy ser interface and ease of access.

89.     Reduce Image

The Reduce Images editor lets you reduce the size of your image by using special algorithms to effectively compress the information.

90.     Picadilo

The Picadilo editor has interesting features such as celebrity look alike, face recognition, and look alike generator for those looking for a fun kick out of their images.      

91.     Peko-Step

The Peko-step editor lets you carry out basic image transformations and adjust opacity elements within your image.

92.     Resize Pixel

Resize Pixel is similar to many other image resizing and compressing editors and it also lets you rotate, flip, crop, or convert image formats.

image formats.

93.     Zhopped

Zhopped is an online community for artists and photographers to share their knowledge of image editing and enhancement techniques. You can retouch, restore, manipulate images and much more.

94.     Malabi

Malabi is yet another online editor to automatically eradicate the background from any selected image and leave the main subject in the picture.

95.     Photo Joiner

Photo Joiner lets you create wonderful and unique collages within your browser and there are many templates to choose from. You can also add text and create memes.

96.     Mini Paint

The mini paint application is in fact a miniature version of the actual paint application, it has the same features and adds a smart brush feature as well.

97.     Resizemyimg

The Resizemyimg editor is used to easily and quickly resize any selected image and is unique because it also lets you rezise images specific to social media websites.

98.     Vectr

Vectr in an online editor used to efficiently create vector images and can also perform basic image editing tasks.

99.     Photobucket

Photobucket is known for its variety of images available for the users for creating amazing designs, the photobucket editor lets you add filters and annotations to name a few features.

100.     Canvas Free Photo Editor

The Canvas Free Photo Editor is known to have some really amazing editing tools. The great thing about this editor is that it is simple and easy to understand.

101.     Image Splitter

This Image Splitter program is designed specifically for Instagram photos as Instagram is becoming quite popular and its posts are becoming creative and complex. The editor is distinctive and easy to use.

We’ve gone through a huge range of free online editors, some simple, some complex. Each editor has features that can be found in most other editors and has features unique to its own application. Whatever your need, one of these editors are bound to prove useful.

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